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Omg this is so cute! Talk about my dream house♥ lol

I would try slowly incorporating goth-y fashion into your everyday clothes, maybe a black pair of jeans or a gothically-inclined band shirt or a leather jacket added to what you normally wear. The key is to introduce it to them in a way that isn’t as sudden or shocking, and more of you developing a new style over a period of time. Anything from studs & spikes to piercings to your hair, whatever you like in the style just go for it! I wish you the best of luck x 

Ahaha amazing comeback! Thank you so much deary x 

Aww my first anon hate♥ How adorable~ 

Anybody know some good websites for buying jeans?

Hey! Some grunge-y essentials you might wanna have would be: 

  • Jeans: Skinny, Black, Acid Wash, Bleached, Ripped/Distressed (if your school allows it) 
  • Band Shirts 
  • Flannels/Plaid 
  • Denim or Leather Jacket 
  • Over-Sized Cardigans/Sweaters  
  • Leggings & Tights (again if its ok with your school’s dress code) 
  • Skater, Faux Leather, or Plaid Skirts 
  • Combat boots, Creepers, Canvas sneakers, High tops, etc. 
  • Anything else you like 

If you want to look older, I’d suggest maybe wearing some makeup? I mean, some people just dont like wearing makeup or choose not to, but if done well it can definitely help make someone look older. Other than that, i’m not very sure (I have the opposite problem, people have thought i was 18 even since i was like 14 lol) 

Hope i could help! x

Hi! I’m not sure what type of concert you’re going to or your personal style but if i were going to a concert I’d wear:

For an Indoor concert: Black Skinny Jeans, Skinny Belt, White Chiffon Cami, Cardigan or Fringed Kimono, Heeled Ankle Boots

For an Outdoor concert: Lace Day Dress or Romper, Gladiator Sandals, Midi Rings, Mini Backpack 

Hope i could help! x

Sounds gorgeous<3 I would recommend wearing: 

  • Black but also ocean-esque colors such as purples, blues, teals, greens, and even some lighter/paler colors like pinks, mints, nudes, and whites. 
  • Flowing skirts 
  • Fishnet 
  • Sheer, mesh, and lace fabrics for layering 
  • Asymmetrical hems
  • Glitter or sequin accents on clothing 
  • Ripped/distressed denim that can be bleached, dyed, or customized however you like
  • Jewelry with silver, pearls, crystals, seashells, tarnished metals, suns/moons, opals, beads, etc 
  • Fabrics and materials that look shiny, iridescent, or holographic 
  • Sandals and flats/flatforms (i think that jelly sandals would also look cute) 
  • Anything that comes to mind when thinking about tropical or beachy fashion would probably look great too x
  • For reference: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/search.collections?query=mermaid&.search_src=masthead_search 

Hope i could help!

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